Diagnostics & Forensics

  High Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge      Liquid handling serological pipettors pipette tips         Microtubes, screw cap micro centrifuge tubes, cryogenic microtubes
   Laboratory Equipment               Liquid Handling                          Microtubes


PCR Tubes and Plates        Test tubes vials caps        Specimen containers, urine testing collection cups
   PCR Tubes & Plates            Test Tubes Vials & Caps            Specimen Containers


Transfer pipettes, see-through low density polyethylene, inert to biological fluids and most acids         Tube Racks and Storage Boxes for Protein Chemistry, Tissue Culture, Toxicology, Nutritional Science, Chemistry, Quality Control, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical, Horticulture/Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Biology and Immunology
      Transfer Pipettes           Tube Racks & Storage Boxes

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