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Deep Well Plates
These plates have endless applications, They can be used for high-throughput screening which is often abbreviated as HTS, this is a method for scientific experimentation especially relevant to the fields of biology and chemistry. Through a combination of modern robotics and other specialized laboratory hardware, it allows a researcher to effectively conduct hundreds of scientific experiments at once. They are perfect for automated plate pipetting, automatic liquid handling systems and robotic sample processors (see pictures below for ilustration).They can also be used in general procedures requiring a mother plate, DNA sequencing,  ELISA testing (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) which is a sensitive immunoassay that uses an enzyme linked to an antibody or antigen as a marker for the detection of a specific protein, especially an antigen or antibody. It is often used as a diagnostic test to determine exposure to a particular infectious agent, such as the AIDS virus, by identifying antibodies present in a blood sample.

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